With DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS, our company intends to broaden our service reach, as we did with the launch of our online sister publication, IMDiversity.com, in 1997. Building on what we have learned serving the career and educational interests of African Americans over the past 40 years, we hope to continue presenting valuable, relevant advice and feature content to beneft all jobseekers – experienced workers as well as student and entry level. DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS will combine offine and online channels to help job seekers successfully identify, research, apply to and land jobs with employers who are committed to workplace diversity.

The editorial objective for DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS is two-fold: 1) to level the playing feld for all job seekers by giving them sound information on how to successfully navigate the job search process, and 2) to invite “employers of choice” to share success secrets and valuable information about the “hidden job market,” especially geared to those segments of the workforce who, historically, have not had access to such information.

We will additionally seek to spotlight and present the employers who want to demonstrate in concrete measures their commitment to fostering and maintaining a diverse workforce. These organizations’ efforts are all the more notable in a down job market, when job seekers can’t always be choosy. At such a time, helping the right employer and job seeker connect with each other is as important as ever.

Today’s workplace, job market and educational climate are not what they were at our founding, nor are the needs of employers and job seekers. Many minorities have been successfully integrated into our nation’s workforce and today’s top employers no longer need mandates. Top employers now understand and value workforce diversity.